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WOZ UP: 2017 Year In Review


Hello all and welcome to a new direction of MXPTV.com. But first, let me dive into what has happened in the past year. A lot of what happened for me in 2016 carried over into 2017. To get a head start, CLICK HERE to read my 2016 Year In Review / Woz Up write up.


Starting off in 2017, it was about pursuing an idea I felt had some ground to it with the FOCUS documentary series. After doing my in-depth 1st episode with Coty Schock and his comeback, the work needed to be done for these features was more than what I thought. I did go a bit overboard on Coty’s episode but it was well worth the work and time it went into it. Coty and his family loved how it came out and so did the subscribers that saw the episode. Now since that March release, I haven’t done another episode. The main reason why I only did 1 episode was that I picked up a full-time warehouse job literally a week after the March release in early April. So I got a job! Yay! But it was nightshift on the weekends so going to races or tracks were out. I ended up putting the Focus series on hiatus figuring out how to make it work not just with my new job but with my life. I have decided to not pursue more episodes and if I continue onto anything similar, they will land on my MXPTV YouTube channel. If you subscribed to FOCUS, you will be refunded for your recent charges so a few bucks go back into your pocket.

My Focus episode with Coty Schock from last year will be available for free on YouTube soon!

I’m bummed about not keeping this going but between the new full-time job (one that I haven’t had in the past 8 years and glad to have) and other things going on in my life, the future of Focus slowly looks to be at a dead end. The entire Coty Schock episode will be available on YouTube very soon, free to watch for all. I want to sincerely thank you all subscribers and sites who supported Focus at the start. It was a good shot to take at the time but when life changes, you got to make some sacrifices.

Woz Bowls!

Next, the pro bowling life! I have continued to work hard on my bowling game throughout 2017. But the new weekend job did affect this too quite a bit. Local and PBA Regional bowling tournaments are usually held on weekends and I wasn’t able to attend as much as I’d like to. But I did a ton of practicing with a grueling mid-week schedule at 2-3 different centers to work on my unique 2-handed form. I was able to compete in major PBA events such as the Barbasol Players Championship in Columbus, OH and the GEICO World Series of Bowling in Reno, NV as well as a PBA National event nearby in Middletown, DE, a PBA Regional round in New Jersey, and local to regional tournaments in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Love being at the lanes!

My game has improved despite the new work schedule and I’m going into the 2018 season with more confidence than ever before. Each year keeps getting better and better in baby step fashion but overall, it’s always a lot of fun to be at the lanes any day! I have built a stronger passion for the game despite how grueling or challenging it is going against the best in the world. It’s a frustrating experience being fresh meat in a sense but I believe I’ll have my day sooner rather than later with my work ethic and goals I’ve set forth for myself. It’s going to be a fun 2018 on that end!

Struggling To Find New Ground

2016 may have been a transition of a year going from my best year ever doing videos in motocross (2015) to just dropping anchor throughout 2016. But 2017 was just overall a rough year for me. The motivation, drive, and passion I had for being at the races was totally gone. In 2017, I went to a total of 2 races. Just 2! They were the Baltimore round of AMSOIL Arenacross in January and a Friday at the Kawasaki Race Of Champions in New Jersey in October. And to add to that, I went to 2 other tracks on practice days: Snake Creek for Coty Schock’s Focus doc in February and NJMP Field of Dreams in Millville, NJ last week when I captured Tyler’s viral swingarm snap.

My days of covering motocross races the way I did are over. What a run it was!

So….just 2 races in 2017. Yes, my new full-time weekend job I got back in April is a big reason for that but at the same time, I just did not have an enjoyable time like I used to have at the races. Baltimore felt like the same old, same old and KROC just felt weird to be back after 10 months away. None of it was the event’s or promoter’s fault at all. My passion I had for covering races or even being at them was just gone. It was all on me and so strange! Like how can I lose a true passion I had a full heart and desire for over almost 20 years and have it just go away like that? It was hard to come around to that conclusion.

When I do go back to the races, it won’t be with a camera. It’ll be mostly cheering on my brother, Tyler, at the track. Photo: Steve Giberson / Vital MX

Some factors can be different people/vibe at the races, doing the same thing over and over (no creative purpose), lack of financial motivation (instability), and simply just burnt out. Once I stopped going to races and started work at my new job, I started to notice the amount of work I did put in at the races. I worked myself obsessed from posting content as quick as possible to putting out top quality work all the time to expanding my knowledge and learning new technologies such as live streaming and the nuts and bolts of TV production. It was a constant and hammering process mentally. At my new warehouse job this year, I brought the same work ethic into that and quickly became one of the top freight unloaders on my shift. All the years of working as much as I did got me so ahead in a normal, regular job and it shocked me. My co-workers told me to slow down and I just couldn’t!

My full-time work these days are at a WalMart distribution center just down the road.

What I went through the past 9 years was truly a rigorous process. Learning, creating, producing, learning, creating, producing…..it was all I did 24/7 for over 12 years (2003-2015) to stay ahead of the curve. 2008 through 2016 was a flourishing time for the motocross media with sites like Vurb, Playground at the amateur level and Racer X, Transworld, Vital at the pro level all elevating their game at the races with larger crews, quickly adapting to social media, elevating their content quality, and pursuing new projects to grab that new advertiser. And for me, MXPTV was 90% me and the other 10% being various contributors over the years. I maintained the site. I produced the graphics. I invested in the cameras, displays, and setups. I did the accounting and taxes. I did the sales side with companies to bring in advertising revenue. I didn’t have much help. It was solo most of the time. So I had that David vs. Goliath feeling lots of times at the races. But I knew I had creative advantages over others in certain areas and had a low overhead compared to the others to try new things and invest more into myself / MXPTV.

I knew it was time to move on after I finished the pre-race show in 2015, which is the biggest gig I’ve ever done.

It all started to hit me after I did my biggest gig to date running the role of producer / director of a web pre-show series I did for NBC Sports during the 2015 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross season. That show did more of a toll on me than I ever thought. It was a great time to not just travel the country (again), but also be in the position I was in to do what I loved. After the final show in Indiana, it was a huge check off my gig list and felt good about it, especially since it was the 1st full year of this pre-show format for the series to set the foundation for future shows. Once I found out the pre-race show wasn’t going to be back in 2016, I felt like that was the nail-in-the-coffin for me in motocross. The up and down instability was something I got quickly tired of. I turned 30 at the end of 2015 and I told myself, “Do I really want to do what I just did the past 10 years for another 10 years?” It just didn’t seem to make sense for me to continue a teenage dream I overachieved with into my 30s. What else was there for me to do when I succeeded more than I ever thought I would do? There wasn’t much ahead for me and the motivation and passion I had was quickly going away.

I had so much fun capturing the action. But it’s time to move onto more goals I want to achieve in my life!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I still love watching the urban battles of Monster Energy Supercross to the rural intensity of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. It’s still off-my-seat, jaw-dropping fun for me. That’ll never go away. But I had my time in the sport/industry and like I said, I did more than I ever thought I would do. I’m settling into my new, simpler life that only consists of working a full-time warehouse job and pursuing my new passion in recent years, bowling. Video only crosses my mind when I get footage of myself bowling and seeing what I can work on. I have done a lot of downsizing and minimizing in my life to keep things much simpler and enjoying what I want to enjoy. It’s an efficient life direction and I want to bring that new direction into a new phase of MXPTV……

MXPTV’s New Direction

After months of brainstorming and just overall looking back at what I have done with MXPTV since its start in 2008, I hate to see it just fall to the wayside with no closure or continuation. MXPTV on social media is still very active and with media sites falling to said wayside or underdelivering, people are hungry to see content today. But I have to admit, this year has been pretty quiet, maybe the quietest ever. Even the MXPTV social media accounts I control weren’t as active like it used to be in the past few years. My last YouTube upload was from June 13th! I just had to step away from the scene. My new job was a big reason why but also, I just needed to figure out a way to find a fresh slate with fresh motivation on fertile ground. What I did before was something I didn’t want to go back to. It’s been done over and over and I was sincerely over it. In moto terms, I was stuck in a rut with no way out. I knew it was time for a new direction.

Time to flip the camera on me and see what I’m up to these days!

For 2018 and beyond, MXPTV will not be covering races. It will not be like it used to be providing race highlights, crashes, helmet cams, and all of that. MXPTV will go in a much personal direction by switching the camera toward me doing podcasts, vlogs, blogs, and more about my life or whatever I want to talk about. MXPTV will be about Woz! MXPTV has always been the name of my production company as well as a branded media site. But MXPTV will be about me, simple as that. MXPTV, moving forward, will feature content from my pro bowling career, podcast predictions / reactions of races and news stories in MX/SX, and looking back on past top MXPTV videos. It’ll be a good mixture of moto, bowling, and life! Here’s some new weekly to monthly features I plan to do here at MXPTV.com:

  • Woz Up
    • All about the life of Woz! Check out my life from either at the lanes bowling in major tournaments and practice sessions or at home. This will be more of a vlog-type of style (podcast as well), which I’m excited to try out and see where it goes!
    • Write ups (like this one) talking about certain topics or whatever comes to my mind that needs to be in text format. I’ll call it my rant box!
  • Rewind
    • A look back at my top MXPTV videos with back stories and behind the scenes looks of how those videos came about. This will be extra cool for up and coming videographers looking to crack through the dirt bike world (or any world) to see my tips and tricks on editing and shooting that got me the work I got at the races.
  • Best Of MXPTV
    • Top 10 lists of my top MXPTV videos by category, rider, track, etc. since its inception in 2008. Everyone loves top 10 lists!

I believe it will be a cool, new direction for MXPTV.com and my social spots on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (@MXPTV). Be ready for a lot of face time from myself. I’ll have to get used to it too which has never usually been easy. Thanks to all who support what I’ve done and will do moving forward. It’s going to be a relentless 2018!

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    Matt – All the best for you in the future. I’m proud to call you a friend and I’ve been an admirer of your work since the beginning.

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