About Woz

First off, welcome to MXPTV! MXPTV is my media production business specializing in photo and video work ranging from motocross events around the world to local corporate work. I have been doing this since 2003 and have worked with top clients such as NBC Sports, CBS Sports, MX Sports, Racer X, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Transworld Motocross, Carroll Motor Fuels / High’s Dairy Stores, and over 50 others. My last major projects included producing a TV spot for Carroll Motor Fuels in Baltimore, MD and producer & director of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Pre-Race Show for NBC Sports in 2015. I’m also an award winning video producer in motocross by winning an Xtremey Award in 2008 for my DVD, “Moto Xposure 3: The Xposure Continues”. My hard work and higher-than-normal self-motivation to achieve my goals and make dreams come true is what I focus a lot on in my life.

After a dozen or so years in the trenches of the A/V world at race tracks, stadiums, and locations around the world, I have decided to take a step back from it and focus on a new direction in my life to add stability as well as pursue new goals I want to achieve in life. If my 20s were spent chasing my motocross media dreams (overachieved on that), my 30s will be spent on the start of my PBA bowling career competing against the best in the world. Bowling is a sport I’ve always had a passion for but in recent years, I have improved my scores, my form, and my mental focus to the point where I’m battling the legends of the sport. It’s been a different and challenging transition from moto but a lot of fun at the same time .

I also work a full-time job in a warehouse down the road in Smyrna, DE on the weekends and try to fit my bowling tournaments in (which usually fall on weekends). I unload trailers and process freight using forklifts of various uses and enjoy the logistics world. After 9 years full time covering races here on MXPTV, this is my first full-time job since I gave MXPTV a full go and really enjoy the job’s stability.

Thanks for checking out MXPTV!

— Matt Wozney / MXPTV