TOP RIDERS: 2014 Mini O’s Champions

Who were the top performers at the Mini O's?

Matt Rice
The 43rd annual Thor Winter National Olympics, popularly referred to as the Mini O's, has all been wrapped up from Gatorback Cycle Park outside Gainesville, Florida over the weekend. The motorhome exodus leading to all parts of the country went underway over the Thanksgiving weekend and for some of those motorhomes were equipped with precious #1 plate cargo. Let's see what riders were topping the boxes during the week in Florida. Jalek Swoll - Silver Springs, FL MR1_9612 Bel Ray / Husqvarna / Seven rider Jalek Swoll was on a roll all week long in the elder 85cc classes grabbing 6 titles in SX (2) and MX (4). His performance in MX was the most dominant winning 4 out of the 5 classes he entered. Not only did he do damage in the (12-13) and (12-15) classes, his win in MX in Super Mini 1 over some fast names such as Garrett Marchbanks and others showed that Jalek will be around for awhile chasing for more titles in the near future. Austin Forkner - Richards, MO MR2_2827 Monster / Kawasaki / Fox rider Austin Forkner made his big bike debut on the amateur national scene at Gatorback and took home 4 titles. 3 of those titles were on the MX track as he grabbed the other title in SX in 450 B. Fresh off the Super Minis and right to the winning 450 B championships both MX and SX, Forkner is impressing many with his jump into one of the fastest classes of the week and winning. Reg Magyar - Australia MR1_7096 The C classes at the amateur nationals always get people to dust off their CSI kits and do the research on who's the next in the sandbag line. But we won't even go there. Australian import Reg Magyar leaves Gatorback with 5 titles in SX (3) and MX (2). Solid starts in SX and solid rides in MX had Reg at the checkers first and that's what it takes to win C right? Not really. Great rides Reg! Andy Kost - Caledonia, WI MR2_3029 Cycle Trader / Rock River / Yamaha's Andy Kost took home 4 titles on the week in 450 B Limited and College 16-24 both in MX and SX. Kost is on the rise and his stock going into 2015 is stronger than ever as a 450 specialist. Alex Frye - Huntingtown, MD MR1_1099 KTM Orange Brigade / Fox / Red Bull's Alex Frye may not have had the success he was looking for in SX but in MX, he looked impressive winning 250 and 450 Pro Sport as well as 250 A titles. Frye had rough Loretta Lynn's in B class and after Mini O's, he has shot up to be one of the top amateur prospects in the A classes. The work he's been putting in at the Carmichael ranch sure is paying off and his 2015 season can be a big one for the quick Marylander. John Grewe - Rockford, MI MR1_6196 Kawasaki Team Green's John Grewe continues to impress more and more year after year in the Vet classes. 3 titles on the week (1 in SX and 2 in MX) had Grewe finishing in front of fast company such as Barry Carsten and others. Mitchell Falk - Costa Mesa, CA MR2_0280 KTM Orange Brigade / FMF rider Mitchell Falk dominated on his KTM 125SX ride in the Schoolboy 1 classes in SX and MX grabbing 3 titles. Falk, fresh off the Super Mini classes, is already making a strong transition to the bigger machines and dominating while doing so. Cameron Cannon - Anderson, SC MR2_1684 KTM and Kawasaki rider Cameron Cannon was on point all week long at the Mini O's. A strong start in SX followed up with 6 top 5 finishes and 1 title in MX in Schoolboy 1 made Cannon look like he got shot out of a......(yeah we thought it was funny too). Solid rides Cameron! Egan Louis Mastin - Cairo, GA MR1_9364 Yamaha rider Egan Louis Mastin came into the week virtually unknown to all but after the week, it's a name that's being mentioned (or mixed up). Mastin put on a couple impressive rides in the 250 B and Schoolboy 2 classes in SX against some headliners were expected to top the field. Hannah Hodges - DeLand, FL MR1_6568 Farren Racing / Suzuki's Hannah Hodges is gaining star power quickly as well as her speed on the track. Her championship rides in Girls (12-16) and Women 14+ in SX were great and well earned but her runs in the Super Mini classes mixing it up with the class's fastest boys was the most impressive to see during the week. Hodges couldn't fulfill more titles in MX after injuring her ACL very quietly during a Super Mini moto on Friday. Heal up Hannah! Ryder DiFrancesco - Bakersfield, CA MR2_2905 Cobra's Ryder DiFrancesco finished off his very impressive 50cc career at the Mini O's grabbing 3 titles in the 51 (4-8) and (7-8) Limited classes in MX and SX. DiFrancesco also ran up front in some of the 65 (7-9) motos battling with top names in those classes. Pierce Brown - Sandy, UT MR1_8647 KTM Orange Brigade's Pierce Brown was the kid to beat in the 85 (9-11) classes taking home 3 titles in MX and SX. Brown looks forward to the move up to the (12-13) classes in 2015. Marissa Markelon - Ansonia, CT MR2_2241 Kawasaki rider Marissa Markelon went through many ups and downs this year in the WMX series and at Gatorback, she sealed up her 1st ever WMX championship sweeping both motos over Kylie Fasnacht and Mackenzie Tricker. Markelon rode extremely well and had the Red Bull whoops down to catch up considerable time on the field. Darian Sanayei - Orting, WA MR1_5682 Team Green Kawasaki's Darian Sanayei made his mark in the SX program grabbing 2 titles in 250 and 450 Pro Sport. Sanayei was in the mix much last year at the Mini O's in the A classes but in 2014, he wanted to top the box and be a front runner. Sanayei also had solid rides in MX and was one of the handful capable of earning #1 plates in Florida. Ricky Renner - Plant City, FL MR1_9015 Floridian Ricky Renner took care of home track advantage to impress many at Gatorback with 3 titles on the week in Junior 25+ (MX and SX) and an impressive title in 450 A in SX. Renner took a beating in MX but finished out the week with 3 #1 plates to add to the collection. Carson Mumford - Simi Valley, CA MR1_7902 Team Green Kawasaki's Carson Mumford turned a lot of heads in SX grabbing 2 titles in 85 (12-13) Limited and Mini Sr. (12-15) and looked like he would be in the running for more in MX. But a nasty wreck after the finish line jump on the MX track X'd all his chances out a a title run on Gatorback's national trick. The young rider was purely on rails in his races! Jett Reynolds - Riverbank, CA MR2_2259 Team Green Kawasaki's Jett Reynolds continues an impressive amateur career at the Mini O's grabbing 3 titles in 65 (7-9) and 85 (9-11). Reynolds has made a great transition to the larger minis and over time, we'll be talking more about this fast, young motocross prospect. Matthew LeBlanc - Breaux Bridge, LA MR2_2023 KTM Orange Brigade's Matthew LeBlanc mixed it up with Jett Reynolds in the 65 (7-9) classes and he was able to top Reynolds in the Limited classes in MX and SX. LeBlanc and Reynolds will be mixing it up for years to come it looks like. Garrett Marchbanks - Coalville, UT MR1_5688 Team Green Kawasaki's Garrett Marchbanks topped the Super Mini 1 class in SX and Super Mini 2 class in MX. He had a fast Jalek Swoll to deal with in his classes but Marchbanks was the man child to beat in Super Mini. Marchbanks is following the footsteps of Austin Forkner in the Team Green program. Katie Benson - Delmar, DE MR1_8888 Delaware's own Katie Benson made a strong showing in the Girls (9-11) class in MX and SX taking both titles at the Mini O's. These were her first Mini O's titles and we know the Benson's were pumped on the awesome week! Jace Kessler - Eagle, MI / Preston Kilroy - Afton, WY MR2_2856 KTM 65cc racers Jace Kessler and Preston Kilroy topped all the 65 (10-11) and Limited classes in their rides grabbing 2 titles each. Awesome rides all week long! Chad Saultz - Batavia, IL MR2_0545 Yamaha pilot Chad Saultz had more success on the MX program taking the 250 C and 250 C Limited titles at the Mini O's. Saultz was always in the top 3-5 all week long in all C classes and can be a threat in the B class next year! Congrats also goes out to this week's single title champions from the week!

Lorenzo Locurcio - 250 B Limited SX Dustin Turner - 450 C SX Kyle Born - 51 (4-6) Limited SX Ryder McNabb - 51 (7-8) Limited SX Greg Pamart - Vet 35+ SX Caleb Grothues - Super Mini 2 SX Tristan Charboneau - 250 A SX Jon Ames - 250 B Limited MX Evan Woody - 51 (4-6) Limited MX Jordan Jarvis - Girls (12-16) MX Earl May - Masters 50+ MX Harvey Sorenson - Masters 55+ MX Scott Sheak - Senior 40+ MX Michael Stevenson - Vet 30+ MX Kylie Fasnacht - Women 14+ MX Daniel Baker - 450 A MX Chase Fasnacht - Mini Sr. (12-15) MX

Congrats to all athletes on a successful Mini O's 2014!

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