WEB: MX vs. ATV Supercross Inside Look

We checked in with the guys from Big Bang Entertainment to see their progress on the highly anticipated new MX vs. ATV Supercross game. Scheduled for release on September 9th, the game will feature 17 new supercross tracks as well as new bikes, gear and even more downloadable content in the future. Join us, as the game developers give an inside look at the updates and improvements they are making on newest addition to the MX vs. ATV franchise.

Courtesy: MotoSport

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  1. Hello, in my opinion…what you really have to do…as people have said untill now, is to make an improved version of Mx vs atv reflex! Forget about alive. Just reflex, with better graphics, and better control of the rider! Like ..the only bad thing on reflex is that sometimes if you go whip on the jumps the rider might do a really fast sudden move…and crash. I know many people have told you something like that…but i wanted to express my opinion just in case nobody mentioned. I also hope there are no perks like in mx vs atv alive. Just don’t take anything from alive. The only thing i liked in Alive was the Stewart compound. It was awesome! Sorry for bad english.. cheers! and thank you.
    Oh…and please don’t make the rider look like a brick on the bike. But stylish.