EXTRA: Coty Schock Talks Delaware Motocross Tracks


First off, a big thank you for being a supporter of FOCUS in its infancy. Your support will go a long way in progression of this new documentary series to bring captivating stories from the motorcycle world. I hope you have enjoyed the content so far!
I got a new video to add to Episode 1 ready to watch now! It's footage that didn't make the final cut. Here, Coty Schock talks about the motocross tracks of past and present in the small state of Delaware. Coty talks about his involvement with his local track, Snake Creek MX in Harrington. He also talks about Blue Diamond, a track located in New Castle that closed 4 years ago, and Speed Citi, which recently went under new ownership. He dives deep talking about the hopes of those tracks running again one day and realizing what it takes to run a top notch motocross track.
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