FOCUS: Episode 1 – Coty Schock | The Comeback

After a couple of months of work and planning, FOCUS Episode 1, featuring Delaware pro Coty Schock, is now ready to watch for FOCUS subscribers. This episode features over an hour of content broken down into 6 parts detailing Coty's racing career from his first bike to his comeback after his up and down Unadilla national debut in August of 2016.


Part 1: The Beginning Coty Schock, along with his parents Mike and Judi, talk about how Coty started riding at an early age and how that evolved over the years. Helping with Coty's evolution of riding a dirt bike was helped a lot by a local Delaware track called Snake Creek. Coty talks about his history at the track, how the track made him a better rider, and his current involvement at the track to keep it running and operational.
Part 2: Delaware & Education A pro motocross athlete with a public school education and going to college is not entirely a normal thing in the sport. Coty and his parents talk about the benefits and their philosophy about keeping Coty in school to prepare for life after moto. Also, Coty talks about being part of a small club of Delaware pro motocross athletes and how people treat the First State's status in moto.
Part 3: Bikes Stolen & Injuries In April of 2015, Coty had his bikes suddenly stolen after a race weekend that lead to a widespread search and support group to find his bikes. But when a family comes in to help get Coty back on track, a new relationship ignites the spark in Coty's racing career to keep moving forward. A month after the bikes were stolen, Coty was back riding and would break his femur ending his chance at a run in the B classes at Loretta Lynn's. Coty talks about in detail his feelings throughout all these moments.
Part 4: Transition To Pro Coty heals up from his femur injury and is already lighting up the local scene with his move to the A class. Coty talks about his transition to pro and his result at Loretta Lynn's in 2016 before his debut at Unadilla.
Part 5: Unadilla Pro Debut A day that started as the best day in Coty's life (qualifying for his first pro race) and quickly turning a sharp 180 to his worse day (broken back in first moto). Coty, his family, and the Sutton's talk about their accounts that day and Coty's recovery and support from people such as Road 2 Recovery and more.
Part 6: The Comeback In the winter of 2017, Coty gets cleared to get back on the bike and is already focused on achieving higher goals for the 2017 season. Watch Coty ride his 450 as well as his own custom-built 125 at Snake Creek!
You'll see teasers and previews across the web. But the entire 6 part episode offering over an hour of content is only available to FOCUS subscribers! To subscribe, CLICK HERE! FOCUS offers affordable monthly ($2.99) or yearly ($29.99) rates. So get the popcorn, grab a seat on that couch, and enjoy the first episode of FOCUS!