VIDEO: “Tale Of The 2 Stroke” featuring Tyler Wozney

MXPTV followed Diamond Motorsports/Bel-Ray sponsored pro Tyler Wozney on a journey to the southeast while aboard his 2000 Honda CR250. Watch as Tyler talks about why he is riding on this such of a bike and his outlook on riding 2 strokes as well as riding at tracks such as County Line MX in Florida and Monster Mountain in Alabama. Music by Tim McMorris "Music My Life" Get the song here:

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  1. great vid. by far the best ive ever seen tyler ride hands down and if he does that at a national then he’ll qualify. but what ever happened to his honda and suzuki 450s?

  2. AnthonyV.

    Tyler woz is a pretty good rider and he gave multiple reasons why a 2 smoker is better than a 4 stroke. That was hilarious when he knocked that guy over and good luck with your racing career.

    • Gene

      He never once said a 2 stroke is better than a 4 stroke. He just listed a bunch of things that make them completely different from a 4 stroke so stop trying to compare them.

  3. Suzuki217

    I so love that redneck talking in the background! and the guy at the end, my favorite part of the video there…. sorry tyler

  4. don 223

    awesome video. 2 or 4 they are both fun, which is what its all about! i’m happy to see they have a 2 stroke series in d6mx this year.